Balloon Magic Made Easy Vol 1

The DVD is interesting, small studio quality with excellent sound. It provides a great beginning to medium level twisters.
48 minutes
Figures Included: Dog, Dachshund/Giraffe, Sword, Fancy Sword, Lazer Gun, Parrot in Swing, Humming Bird/Bee, Apple, Airplane on a Stick, Heart Flower, Butterfly, Simple Poodle, Mouse, Swan, Snail, Caterpillar, Bear, Bear with Heart, Blossom Flower, Clown (Bee/ Blossom/260), Heart Hat, Flower Hat, Crown Spiral, Butterfly, Rocking Horse.

Balloon Sculpture Made Easy Vol 2


This DVD is packed full of great art. Joe uses a variety (260. 160, Bee, Heart, Geo) of balloons to make pretty quick multi-balloon figures. Many of the pieces will make quickly for line work. The DVD is of excellent production value and well organized.
30 minutes

Joe doesn't waste your time. You will have to pause the tape to work along with him. He expects you to know the twists explained on his first tape. He kind of skims over the "pop twist series" on this DVD. (There is a more complete explanation in Vol. 3.) This DVD has a lot of information at a good price.

Includes: Bumble Bee on Geo Flower, Fishing Pole With Fish, T-Rex, Basket of Flowers With Teddy Bear, Teddy Bears Hugging On A Heart, Cartoon Figures - Duck, Stork With Bassinet, Little Bird, - Rainbow, Motorcycle With Rider, Christmas Wreath With Candle, Bow, and Berries.

Balloon Sculpture Made Easy Vol 3

Here's more of Joe's multi-balloon figures.
Excellent, usable stuff.
The figures he shows you work in real life, working situations. Some of these figures would work for line work but most take slow restaurant work kind of time.
Again, here is a lot of information at a reasonable price.
30 Minutes

Includes: Pacifier - Small, Large. As A Rattle - Baseball Cap To Duck Hat To Road Runner Hat, Jesters Hat, Cartoon - Mermaid, Dog, Panther - Santa Head, Road Runner, Coyote.

Basic Balloons

Explore the World of Balloon Creations by Paul Belanger
While Paul Belanger, author, calls this basic balloons, and it does have basic twisting instruction, there's nearly 20 minutes before he twists a balloon. He shows you bits and things to do with an untwisted 260. His basic instructions are good. Lots of very easy standards for a the really long line, some variations and some good quick toys. He throws in a few good lines of patter if you listen. No fancy camera work but good content. Approximate running time: 1 hour.

Includes: Worms, Balloon Games, Hats, Swan, Masks, Fish, Snake, Swords,
Tree, Moveable Lips, Mini Bow & Arrow, Dog, Giraffe, Squirrel, Camel,
Headphones, Guns, Alligator/Lizard, Nunchucks, Monkey Climbing a Tree.

Dewey's Advanced Balloons

Larger picture
A 70 Minute Instructional VHS Video

Ralph Dewey, author, does a great job of showing you exactly how to make some of his fanciest figures. There are lots of close ups of his hands. Everything is very clear. If you've had trouble with a Hook Twist, this video will give you clear instruction.

  • The dog and frog with a hook twist are very cute.
  • The 350 Bicycle is very nice and huge.
  • The wheels and seat are especially nice.
  • The Buzz Danger and Goofus Style Character use unique and clever methods of construction.
  • These figures will absolutely amaze people. Even other twisters.

Includes: Bicycle, Buzz Danger the space ranger, The Little Roaring Tiger, The Hound Dog (Hook Twist), The Frog (Hook Twist), Goofus Cartoon Style Character.

Dewey's Balloon Jamboree

Ralph has made a fine video for intermediate to advanced twisters. His figures are detailed and the instructions are clear.
Ralph demonstrates an innovative way to get a small twisted figure into a 350 with his "Bird Nest with Baby in Egg".
BONUS: He tells you how to make your own 350 stuffing tool.
His "Lady in Red" is anatomically correct and well named but tastefully done. The Pelican with Fish is pretty easy but real cute and inventive. The jumping Dolphin on a stick is a good action toy type figure.
Your audience will be impressed with any of these figures. The tape is clear. Great tape!

Includes: Peg Leg Pirate with Parrot (1-260, 1-160), Helicopter with Motorized Blades (1-350, 3-260, 2-160), Lady in Red (multi 160), Rudy Reindeer Hat (3-260, 2-Heart, 1-160), Pelican with Fish (4-260, Heart), Bird Nest with Baby in Egg (350s, 160s, Bees, Rubber Cement), Dolphin (4-160)

86 minutes

Attack of the 50 Foot Demon

Larger picture
Create massive balloon figures!
Learn to create
massive balloon figures using dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of balloons. Larry's balloon fabric creation techniques have been used in decor for small rooms as well as television studios.
  • This educational CD-ROM, aimed at the balloon professional, contains all of the information an experienced balloon twister needs to begin making balloon fabrics using circular, spiral, and criss-cross methods. In addition to many pages full of explanations and drawings, this CD contains nearly 30 minutes of video.
  • As an added bonus, two special sections, including balloon busking and figures based on 6-inch heart balloons, are present on this release of the CD.

CD-ROM for Windows 9x/NT and Mac OS
Minimum of 2x speed CD-ROM drive is recommended.
Web browser required (any standard browser, including those that come with current operating systems is sufficient) 
By Larry Moss - published by Fooled Ya!


Larger picture

This device is Balloon Wizardry that fits in the palm of your hand!

The Qualatex MagicPipe allows entertainer to stuff small objects, such as wrapped candy, coins and jewelry, into 260Q balloons. Easily put anything that fits in the tube inside an inflated 260. And there's no balloon skin wrapped around the thing once it's in the balloon. The secret is a sliding punch that breaks the balloon and allows whatever is in the tube to fall inside.