Deluxe Afro Wigs

Summary: Better quality Lacey Synthetic Costume Wig
Description: A medium to large sized Full Afro that is made in many colors from black to rainbow.
Colors: Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown Chestnut Brown, Light Brown, Dark Blonde, Medium Blonde, Light Blonde, Auburn, Henna Red, Dark Auburn, Dark Gray, Light Gray, White, Red, Orange, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Light Green,Dark Green, Light Purple, Dark Purple, Rainbow, Black/White, Black/Ornage, Red/White/Blue.

Deluxe Silly Boy

Synthetic Wig, Average size

Finest new clown style. Looks like a straight Yak wig, but the colors are brighter.
Available in these colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Lavender, Royal Blue, Dark Purple, Hot Pink, Black, Brown, Blonde, Auburn, Grey, White


Synthetic Wig

Beautiful, Long, and Punky Tina Style. Available in these colors:
Black, Brown, Dark Brown w/medium Brown, Frosted Blonde, Auburn, Henna Red, Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Orange, Green, White


Crazy, frizzy style. Makes a great fright wig.
Synthetic wig, average size.
Available in White, Black, Yellow, Black/Green combo, Black/Yellow combo, Black/Orange combo

Barbara Bush

Our former First Lady's curly white hairdo.

Charlie Chaplin

Larger picture
A fine curly wig. Black or Salt & Pepper

Dora The Explorer

Short, chin-length Bob
This is the most popular look alike for Dora The Explorer.
This wig is available in these colors: Black, Brown, Blonde, Light Blonde, Auburn, Strawberry Blond, White.

Strutter's Complete Guide To Clown Makeup

These guys know what they are doing. There is detailed instruction on applying and powdering makeup, applying different noses, handling eyeglasses, beards, mustaches, wigs and skull caps. This book is full of examples and photos.

CHAPTER TITLES: Clown types, Makeup materials, Designing a clown face, Basic application techniques, Whiteface Makeup, Auguste makeup, Tramp makeup, The clown mouth, Making up the eyes, Clown noses, Applying the liner, Makeup problems and repair, Makeup removal and care, Clown wigs, Gallery of makeup examples.

Full size, Glossy cover, Perfect bound, 95 pages, Published 1991