Face Painting Kit Rainbow Palette

50 Faces
8 Color pallets
Each 8 color pallet comes with a face painting sponge, brush and 16 page face painting guide.
Colors: White, Black, Bt. Red, Orange, Bt. Yellow, Grass Green, Sky Blue, Bt. Pink.
Each kit will easily paint 50 full faces.

Professional Colors


A 18ml container will paint 100+ full faces.
If you are a serious face painter you will want to move to larger containers of paints.

18ml $10.00 for regular colors and $12.00 for metallic and sparkle colors.

Black (111) Dark Gray (133) Light Gray (122) White (000) Dark Green (455) Bright Green (444) Grass Green (477) Pastel/Pale Green (400)
Dk Blue (333) Royal Blue(344) Sky Blue (355) Sea Blue (377) Pastel/Pale Blue (366) Turquoise(488) Purple (888) Lilac (877)
Burgundy(866) Bt Red(0055) Fuch Pink(599) Bt Pink (0058) Dk Orange (552) Orange (553) Apricot (551) Peach (511)
Rust Brwn(977) Dark Brn(999) Lt Brwn (988) Beige Brn(911) Lt Beige (910) Barely Bge(909) Light Pink(577) ComplPk(500)
Lime Green (433)     Pastel Yellow(233) Bt Yellow (222) Ochre Yw(244) Teal (499) Maroon (855)
Silver (766) Gold (777) Copper (755) Gun Metal Grey (761) Electric Blue (331) Electric Green (422) Electric Purple (881) Sparkle White (00)
Sparkle Yellow (22) Sparkle Blue (35) Sparkle Pastel Grn (401) Sparkle Green (44) Sparkle Turquoise (48) Sparkle Orange (53) Sparkle Red (55) Sparkle Pink (58)
Sparkle Lilac (87)  

16 Color Wheel

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Great selection for parties!
This palette holds the following 2ml colors... white, black, pastel yellow, bright yellow, orange, bright pink, dark grey, purple, bright green, pastel green, pastel blue, sky blue, royal blue, turquoise, lilac and bright red

18 Color Wheel

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Greater selection for parties!
This palette contains white and black in the 30ml size. Then in the 2ml size you get the following colors... pastel yellow, bright yellow, orange, bright pink, light beige, light brown, dark grey, purple, bright green, pastel green, sky blue, sky blue, royal blue, turquoise, lilac and bright red

Professional Walk Around Palette

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Professional Ready For Work Set
This is the walk around palette plus you get the top six professional brushes (fine round, small round, medium round, fine flat, medium flat and large flat). You also get four colors of glitter gel, 2 complete sets of 2ml refills on the 16 2ml colors. You also get two of the high density sponges and one stipple sponge. The tray comes in red and NOT blue as shown in the photo.


Tube of individually contained color refills for the color wheels. See the Professional Color Wheel Palette photo.

Makeup Brush 7450-4

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La Corneille - 7" total length Chisel Blender
Brush tip is 3/16" x  3/16"

La Corneille, Golden Taklon; among the most popular and widely-used synthetic brushes. Each brush head is a custom blend of 3 thicknesses of synthetic filament to most closely duplicate the performance of natural hair. Durable, Versatile, Excellent Spring, Fine Chisel Edge. Use in acrylic, oil, watercolor, all media. Techniques: Decorative Painting, Fine Art. Rating: Best.

This brush has lasted over 7 years in steady use for our clowns. It remains in great shape. It has been used in conjunction with Ben Nye theatrical makeup and Kryolan Aquacolor Face Paint.

Beginner's Journey

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One Hour Beginner's DVD Video
This is a one hour step by step DVD video by Pitterpat. It is an excellent video for the beginner face painter.

Practice Heads

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Run out of willing faces?
Mehron has an answer, Face Painting Practice Heads.
Guaranteed to hold still, not rub their eyes and never run out of patience. These professional quality, washable practice heads are ideal learning tools for the beginner. 
Advanced face painters enjoy using them to practice specific techniques, test new products and to create new designs.
Please Note: Be sure to wash off immediately when finished to minimize staining.  If staining becomes a nuisance try covering the area with a matching flesh color before starting your new design.