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Hand made for the professional.

ProKNOWS™ Professional Noses are hand made for the professional with emphasis on comfort and durability.

The ProKNOWS™ nose is lightweight, easy to apply and never needs painting. A soft foam interior provides maximum comfort and a larger glueing surface with no condensation buildup. The exterior is a plyable, high gloss red. Includes convenient storage box.
Select from these styles (See choices by clicking on image.)

  • RALPH Nose
  • BIGGER Noses: MR2, BR, M1
  • MEDIUM Noses: E1, BS2, BC
  • SMALL Noses: T5, T2

Jest Nose

1 1/2" Plastic
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Hollow Plastic with Elastic Band
Jest Noses are hollow plastic with a deep red finish. They are 1 1/2" round and held in place with an elastic string.

Adhesive and Dissolvent

ProKNOWS® Adhesive
ProKNOWS® Adhesive Dissolvent

ProKNOWS® Adhesive
A thin, water-proof medical adhesive with super holding strength. It contains latex. ProKNOWS® Adhesive goes on white, but dries clear. For best results, follow directions on the bottle. 1 oz.

ProKNOWS® Adhesive Dissolvent
A mild, fragrant oil created to gently loosen adhesive build-up in your ProKNOWS®. It is gentle enough to be used on the outside of your ProKNOWS®. Follow directions on the bottle for proper use. 1 oz.

Cleaning Kit

ProKNOWS® Cleaning Kit
Keep your ProKNOWS in "Tip Top" condition with the ProKNOWS® cleaning kit.
Includes cleaning container, cotton balls, 2 oz. ProKNOWS dissolvent, cotton swabs and instructions.