Makeup Remover

8 oz.
ProFACE® Makeup Remover
An oilless base makeup remover containing moisturizers and skin care products. The remover will not affect the eyes or contact lenses. Light apricot fragrance.
Wonderfully gentle, fit for a princess. 8 oz. bottle only

ProFace No-Sweat Skin Prep

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ProFace No-Sweat Skin Prep™
A Liquid anti-perspirant formula for use underneath makeup to retard perspiration. Simple and very effective!
Available in 2 oz. & 4 oz. bottles.


Lip Chick®

One bottle will last months and keep your lips perfect all day each time you use this all natural wonder makeup accessory.
Put it on, lips will tingle for about 15 seconds as it binds the makeup to the lips, and you will keep your clown face on all day!
Lipchic’s botanical formula turns your lipstick into smudge proof, eat proof, balloon proof lip color that lasts all day. It also stops feathering. Lipchic is easily removed with makeup remover. Contains no ink, dye, or chemicals. Complete your make-up, powder down, dust off excess powder, then apply Lipchic.
1/4 oz bottle.

Strutter's Complete Guide To Clown Makeup

These guys know what they are doing. There is detailed instruction on applying and powdering makeup, applying different noses, handling eyeglasses, beards, mustaches, wigs and skull caps. This book is full of examples and photos.

CHAPTER TITLES: Clown types, Makeup materials, Designing a clown face, Basic application techniques, Whiteface Makeup, Auguste makeup, Tramp makeup, The clown mouth, Making up the eyes, Clown noses, Applying the liner, Makeup problems and repair, Makeup removal and care, Clown wigs, Gallery of makeup examples.

Full size, Glossy cover, Perfect bound, 95 pages, Published 1991