Clown White

Unsurpassed whiteness and consistency in quality and coverage!

Clown White is available in these sizes:

  •   2 oz Clown White $  5.00
  •   8 oz Clown White $10.00
  • 16 oz Clown White $17.00

Unsurpassed whiteness and consistency in quality and coverage is what makes Mehron Clown White the first choice of pro and ameteur clowns and mimes. This super smooth cream covers efficiently without dryness or cracking, even under the most demanding performance conditions.

Clown White Lite

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It can be used sparingly - thus the term 'Lite'.
Clown White Lite is available in these sizes:
  • 2 oz Clown White Lite $  5.00
  • 8 oz Clown White Lite $10.00

Over two decades ago, Mehron pioneered the original concept of a smooth 'whipped' Clown White formula. Our Clown White Lite is a lanolin-based, highly pigmented Clown White that provides maximum whiteness yet can be used sparingly - thus the term 'Lite'.

Clown Pink

Its opaque coverage is absolutely unbeatable!

Available in 2 oz size.

Auguste Clowns love this soft, yet rich pink shade. Professional and amateur clowns all agree that Mehron's super-smooth consistency and incredibly opaque coverage is absolutely unbeatable!

"Mini-Pro" Student Makeup Clown Kit


Full-color instructions & Clown Makeup Palette.

Mehron’s Clown Kit offers full-color instructions along with our Clown Makeup Palette.
It comes in a handy and reusable carrying kit that keeps your makeup neat and clean.
It Contains all colors necessary for Whiteface, Auguste and Tramp/Hobo clowns.
The $13.00 Kit comes with:

  • 5 colors of makeup
  • 1 black pencil
  • 1 foam nose
  • 1 makeup brush
  • 1 makeup remover
  • 2 makup sponges
  • 1 stipple sponge

OPTION: 1 oz. Setting Powder = $6.00 (save $1)

Tri Color Pallete

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Traditional colors for a Whiteface Clown.
Three color cream makeup palette and applicator in convenient flip-top box provides your traditional colors for a Whiteface Clown.

5 Color Cream Palette

The palette most often used by schools to train new clowns.

Available in 2 combinations:

  • 5 Color Clown Palette - Colors: Black, Clown White, Red, August & Blue #406
  • 5 Color Cream Palette - Colors: Black, Clown White, Red, Yellow & Blue #405

This palette was created for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College® and is the palette most often used by schools to train new clowns in the art of clown makeup. Sturdy, re-usable palette box keeps makeup neat and clean. Includes colors for Tramp, Auguste, and Whiteface.

Color Cups

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Foundation cream in a convenient size.
Our rich, color intense, Foundation cream in a convenient size. This size is excellent for carrying small amounts of makeup when "on the go," or, for students beginning the art of clowning. (Color Cup White is Mehron's "Clown White".

Clown White, Clown Red, Silver, Green, Blue, Yellow, Wolfman Brown, Zombie Flesh, Black, Gold, Auguste, Purple, Orange, Monster Grey, Moonlight White, Burgundy

Setting Powders

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Colorset Setting Powder is super absorbent.

Mehron's traditional Colorset Setting Powder is super absorbent. Colorset Setting Powder’s neutral/ translucent formula sets any cream makeup by absorbing excess oils.

Available in "Colorset" Translucent Powder

  • .25 oz = $4.00
  • 1 oz = $7.00

Available in "UltraFine" Powder-Shaker w/Antiperspirant
Colors: Neutral, Soft Beige, UltraWhite

  • 1 oz = $5.00
  • 2 oz = $7.00

Makeup Remover

8 oz.
ProFACE® Makeup Remover
An oilless base makeup remover containing moisturizers and skin care products. The remover will not affect the eyes or contact lenses. Light apricot fragrance.
Wonderfully gentle, fit for a princess. 8 oz. bottle only

ProFace No-Sweat Skin Prep

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ProFace No-Sweat Skin Prep™
A Liquid anti-perspirant formula for use underneath makeup to retard perspiration. Simple and very effective!
Available in 2 oz. & 4 oz. bottles.


Spirit Gum

Liquid adhesive for applying Crepe Hair mustaches and more.
An amber colored, alcohol/resin liquid adhesive for applying Crepe Hair mustaches and beards, wigs, fake noses and bald caps. Remove with Spirit Gum Remover.
Available in 3 sizes:

  • .25 fl oz $2.00 with brush
  • 1.0 fl oz $4.00 with brush
  • 4.5 fl oz $8.00

Product #: 118

Spirit Gum w/Remover

Spirit Gum with Spirit Gum Remover
The set contains 1/4 oz bottle of Spirit Gum and a 1 oz bottle of Spirit Gum Remover.

AdMed Silicon Liquid Adhesive

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AdMed Liquid Adhesive & Remover
Mehron offers this clear, synthetic adhesive that stands up to the toughest performance conditions. And best of all it will not break down from sweat. It’s ideal for when using clown noses and bald caps.

Adhesive is easily removed with AdMed Adhesive Remover. This special formula has been developed to break down and remove medical adhesive. It’s easy to use, just apply to the glued area, rub gently and watch the residue disappear.

  • AdMed Liquid Adhesive 1/2 oz $15.00 (#355) (smaller bottle)
  • AdMed Adhesive Remover $8.00 (#355R) (larger green bottle)
  • Purchase both and SAVE! $20.00 (#355 Set)

Castor Sealer for Latex 1 oz. #117
Specially formulated to prepare cured latex caps and other prosthetic appliances to accept standard cream makeup.

Barrier Spray

Barrier Spray can be used under makeup to stop sweat

Barrier Spray was originally developed as an underbase for 3-D gelatin appliances to increase durability.
This "wonder spray"
also works to insulate sensitive skin from harsh adhesives; may be misted on top of finished powder makeup to set and preserve. Barrier Spray can be used under makeup to stop sweat or over makeup to set it after applying ColorSet Powder.

Pump Spray 1 oz bottle = $6.00
Pump Spray 2 oz bottle = $8.00
Refill 9 oz bottle = $18.00

Lip Chick®

One bottle will last months and keep your lips perfect all day each time you use this all natural wonder makeup accessory.
Put it on, lips will tingle for about 15 seconds as it binds the makeup to the lips, and you will keep your clown face on all day!
Lipchic’s botanical formula turns your lipstick into smudge proof, eat proof, balloon proof lip color that lasts all day. It also stops feathering. Lipchic is easily removed with makeup remover. Contains no ink, dye, or chemicals. Complete your make-up, powder down, dust off excess powder, then apply Lipchic.
1/4 oz bottle.


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Hand made for the professional.

ProKNOWS™ Professional Noses are hand made for the professional with emphasis on comfort and durability.

The ProKNOWS™ nose is lightweight, easy to apply and never needs painting. A soft foam interior provides maximum comfort and a larger glueing surface with no condensation buildup. The exterior is a plyable, high gloss red. Includes convenient storage box.
Select from these styles (See choices by clicking on image.)

  • RALPH Nose
  • BIGGER Noses: MR2, BR, M1
  • MEDIUM Noses: E1, BS2, BC
  • SMALL Noses: T5, T2

Strutter's Complete Guide To Clown Makeup

These guys know what they are doing. There is detailed instruction on applying and powdering makeup, applying different noses, handling eyeglasses, beards, mustaches, wigs and skull caps. This book is full of examples and photos.

CHAPTER TITLES: Clown types, Makeup materials, Designing a clown face, Basic application techniques, Whiteface Makeup, Auguste makeup, Tramp makeup, The clown mouth, Making up the eyes, Clown noses, Applying the liner, Makeup problems and repair, Makeup removal and care, Clown wigs, Gallery of makeup examples.

Full size, Glossy cover, Perfect bound, 95 pages, Published 1991

Practice Heads

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Run out of willing faces?
Mehron has an answer, Face Painting Practice Heads.
Guaranteed to hold still, not rub their eyes and never run out of patience. These professional quality, washable practice heads are ideal learning tools for the beginner. 
Advanced face painters enjoy using them to practice specific techniques, test new products and to create new designs.
Please Note: Be sure to wash off immediately when finished to minimize staining.  If staining becomes a nuisance try covering the area with a matching flesh color before starting your new design.