StarBlend Cake Makeup

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Our superior "advanced formula" cake makeup offers impeccable coverage.

StarBlend is fade-resistant, perspiration-resistant and non-streaking; it performs under every lighting situation. This unique blend provides exceptionally true colors with effortless application, blending easily for shadows, highlights and special effects.

Available in over fifty colors.

Liquid Makeup

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Used by professionals in TV/Film and Theater.
The same long lasting formula used by professionals around the world for full body coverage in TV/Film and Theater.
Ideal for face painting large numbers of people at carnivals, fund raisers, or group outings.
Available in these sizes:
1 oz w/Brush $5.00 (brush is attached to lid inside bottle)
4.5 oz $9.00
16 oz $20.00
1 gallon $79.00

Available in bright eye catching colors: Alabaster, Black, Blithe Spirit, Blue, Brown, Dk Egyption, Ebony, Fair Female, Glow-in-the-Dark, Green, Juvenile, Lt Beige Blush, Lt Cocoa, Lt Egyptian, Lt Tan, Medium Beige, Monster Grey, Orange, Oriental, Pink, Purple, Red, Sable, Soft Beige, White, Yellow

Made in the USA of only FDA approved ingredients.


Paradise Aquacolor Detailz

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Makeup for fine lines, dots & spots.
Makeup for fine lines, dots & spots. In a convenient screw top bottle with built-in applicator. Washes off with soap and water.

Let your imagination soar with our Detailz liquid face and body makeup. Specifically created for detail work, Detailz is the perfect choice for intricate designs and outlines. Fine lines, perfectly round dots and tiny spots will flow from your brush.
Detailz is available in these 6 colors: Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, Pink, Silver & Gold
Each bottle is 5ml (.17 fl oz)

Paradise Makeup Palettes

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Try our unique blend of base ingredients.
What makes this new makeup truly distinctive is our unique blend of base ingredients. Aloe and chamomile combine to make Paradise Makeup AQ safe and gentle to the skin. Glycerin, avocado oil and cocoa butter provide rich, vibrant, color saturated coverage. It washes off easily with just soap and water. No special removers are needed. Brushes and sponges clean easily and will last longer.
Four high quality, 8-color palettes are offered -
Basic, Pastel, Tropical & Metallic.
Refill sized replacement pans are available to replenish frequently used colors or to customize your individual palette.

8 Color Asst w/brush - Basic      = $25.00
Black, Red, Dark Blue, Orange, White, Yellow, Dark Green, Dark Brown
8 Color Asst w/brush - Pastel     = $25.00
Light Pink, Violet, Teal, Light Blue, Light Green, Light Brown, Purple, Red
8 Color Asst w/brush - Tropical = $25.00
Dark Blue, Red, Gold, Dark Green, Light Green, Silver, Violet, Orange
8 Color Asst w/Brush - Metallic = $  30.00
Gold Medal Metallic, Silver Bullet Metallic, Copper Penny Metallic, Bronze Star Metallic, Hot Rod Green Metallic, Cherry Bomb Red Metallic, Sunset Reflection Orange Metallic, Blue Steel Metallic

Paradise Makeup Palette Pro

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This is the ultimate face painting kit.
For professionals who use lots of makeup and need portability, Paradise Makeup AQ ProPalette is the ultimate face painting kit.
The kit holds 12 professional size Paradise AQ colors in a sturdy plastic case. Makeup fits securely into a form fitting foam holder. Purchase the case with makeup already stocked or purchase an empty case and customize your colors to suit your needs with professional size Paradise Makeup AQ.

The colors in the Style A set are Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Dk. Brown, Teal, Lt. Green, Dk. Pink, Violet.
The colors in the Style B set are Lagoon Blue, Beach Berry, Mango, Amazon Green, Lime, Storm Cloud, Wild Orchid, Coral, Light Pink, Lt. Brown, Lt. Blue, Violet

  • Pro Palette Style A = $110.00
  • Pro Palette Style B = $110.00
  • Pro Palette empty  = $  20.00

Paradise Color Refills

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A semi-soft, water activated, moist cake makeup.
Color cup refills for your Paradise Makeup AQ® 8-color palette. Refills are available in all 32 colors. Each refill includes 2 same color cups to replenish those colors used most often or to customize your palette.
A semi-soft, water activated, moist cake makeup. Larger 1.4 oz. size for professional applications.

The refill colors are: Black, White, Red, Yellow, Dk. Blue, Dk. Green, Gold, Orange, Dk. Brown, Teal, Lt. Green, Dk. Pink, Violet, Lagoon Blue, Beach Berry, Mango, Amazon Green, Lime, Silver, Storm Cloud, Wild Orchid, Coral, Light Pink, Lt. Brown, Lt. Blue
Metallic Gold Medal, Metallic Silver Bullet, Metallic Copper Penny, Metallic Bronze Star, Metallic Hot Rod Green, Metallic Cherry Bomb Red, Metallic Sunset Reflection Orange, Metallic Blue Steel

  • Pro Palette singles = $10.00 (40 gm)
  • 8 color size 2-pack = $10.00 (  7 gm)
  • Metalic Colors add $2.00 per color

Barrier Spray

Barrier Spray can be used under makeup to stop sweat

Barrier Spray was originally developed as an underbase for 3-D gelatin appliances to increase durability.
This "wonder spray"
also works to insulate sensitive skin from harsh adhesives; may be misted on top of finished powder makeup to set and preserve. Barrier Spray can be used under makeup to stop sweat or over makeup to set it after applying ColorSet Powder.

Pump Spray 1 oz bottle = $6.00
Pump Spray 2 oz bottle = $8.00
Refill 9 oz bottle = $18.00

Practice Heads

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Run out of willing faces?
Mehron has an answer, Face Painting Practice Heads.
Guaranteed to hold still, not rub their eyes and never run out of patience. These professional quality, washable practice heads are ideal learning tools for the beginner. 
Advanced face painters enjoy using them to practice specific techniques, test new products and to create new designs.
Please Note: Be sure to wash off immediately when finished to minimize staining.  If staining becomes a nuisance try covering the area with a matching flesh color before starting your new design.