Five Minute Faces

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Fantastic Face-Painting Ideas
Full size, Glossy cover, Perfect bound, 45 pages  - pub. 1991

30 face designs and lots of costume accessory ideas with good instructions. Chapter Titles Include: Clown, Pierrot, Masquerade, Snow Queen, Indian Brave, Flower Girl, Policeclown, Joker, Pirate, Beach Scene, Lion and Tiger, Cats, Spotty Dog, Ladybug, Rabbit, Mouse, Bumblebee, Butterfly, Hearts and Rainbows, Miss Muffet, Little Princess, Happy Birthday, Punk, Skull and Monster, Dracula and Devil, Cobweb, Witch.

The Complete Face Painting Manual

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Full size, Glossy cover, Perfect bound, 32 - pub. 1996

This book came about because the editor, Lauren Staton, went from adding makeup to costume rental to lines of kids wanting to be made up. After 10 years of face painting and teaching face painting, she put together a manual. It's well done, and like the other Snazaroo books it's full color throughout.

Includes: Face Painting Techniques & Advice, Try a Tiger, Materials, Party Parade, Flower Fairies, Animal Magic 1,2,3, Glitter, Glamour, Halloween, Christmas, Special Effects, Seaside Fun, Seaside Body Paints.

Strutter's Complete Guide To Clown Makeup

These guys know what they are doing. There is detailed instruction on applying and powdering makeup, applying different noses, handling eyeglasses, beards, mustaches, wigs and skull caps. This book is full of examples and photos.

CHAPTER TITLES: Clown types, Makeup materials, Designing a clown face, Basic application techniques, Whiteface Makeup, Auguste makeup, Tramp makeup, The clown mouth, Making up the eyes, Clown noses, Applying the liner, Makeup problems and repair, Makeup removal and care, Clown wigs, Gallery of makeup examples.

Full size, Glossy cover, Perfect bound, 95 pages, Published 1991

First Faces

Step-by-step face painting for beginners -- pub. 1995
Published by KINGFISHER these books are very nice.
There are lots of full color photos and the instructions are clear. The books are full size and perfect bound.

Fantastic Faces

Full size, Glossy cover, Perfect bound, 46 pages - pub. 1992
Chapter Titles Include: Simple and Quick, Clowns, Spots and Stripes, Crazy Animals, Taking a Little Longer, Party Time, Fur and Feathers, Carnival, Rough and Tumble, Body Painting and Motifs, Beautiful Bodies, Mogic Motifs, Putting Your Skills To Work, Simple Special Effects, Dancers, Characters, Running a Workshop.