"Mini-Pro" Student Makeup Kits

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Mini-Pro Student Makeup Kit featuring CreamBlend
Each "Mini-Pro" kit includes two base colors of Mehron's CreamBlend Makeup. This allows for greater flexibility in matching and creating varying skin tones.
From "CreamBlend" to the full size Makeup Brush, "Mini-Pro" features the same products used by makeup professionals the world over.
Each Kit Contains: Two 'Skin Tone' makeup base colors plus Three more versatile highlight/shadow, blush or lip colors, full size pencil liner, full size professional quality makeup brush, two latex applicator sponges, stipple sponge, Colorset translucent setting powder, powder puff and step-by-step illustrated instructions.
Choose from these shades:
Fair Complexion, Medium Complexion, Dark Complexion, Olive Fair, Olive Medium

Color Instructional Sheets

These instructional sheets provide step-by-step instructions necessary to create an ideal character face.

These are the available Instruction Styles:

  • People Faces: Male / Aged, Female / Aged, Asian / Aged, Afro / Aged, Bald Cap
  • Character Faces: Witch, Wolfman, Skeleton, Vampire, Frankenstein, Zombie
  • Clown Faces: Tramp Clown, Auguste, White Face
  • Animal Faces: Cat / Animal
  • Miscellaneous: Cuts / Bruises, Latex, 3-D Gel

Character Kits

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Quality makeup, creative accessories and step-by-step instructions all in one easy to display kit for maximum fun. With "Do-It" for hanging.
Character Kits are available in 6 styles:
Cat/Animal, Frankenstein, Skeleton, Vampire & Witch
Clown (kit includes colors for White Face, Auguste & Tramp/Hobo Clown)

Bald Specialty Kit

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Dancer's Makeup Kit

Bald Latex Cap

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Full size professional quality latex Bald Cap

Face To Face Video VID-1

Everyone who uses this comprehensive series of tapes will benefit from its graphic, in-depth demonstrations and detailed dialogue. This high-impact video package, (3 VHS tapes, approximately 4 hours total) teaches a course in basic makeup techniques and serves as a refresher course to assist in the solution to specific makeup challenges.
No. VID-1 Divided into five "acts" which illustrate the following:
  I. "Creating A Character"
 II. "Basic Stage Makeup"
III. "Special Applications"
IV. "Fantasy Makeup"
 V. "Cleaning Up"

Celebre Professional Makeup Kit

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Celebre Professional Makeup Kit
This highly pigmented, silky, matte cream makeup glides on easily with full coverage for theater, film, video, and photography application. Celebre is gentle to sensitive skin and is free of fragrance, oils, beeswax and isopropyl myristate.

Practice Heads

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Run out of willing faces?
Mehron has an answer, Face Painting Practice Heads.
Guaranteed to hold still, not rub their eyes and never run out of patience. These professional quality, washable practice heads are ideal learning tools for the beginner. 
Advanced face painters enjoy using them to practice specific techniques, test new products and to create new designs.
Please Note: Be sure to wash off immediately when finished to minimize staining.  If staining becomes a nuisance try covering the area with a matching flesh color before starting your new design.