Keepsake Stuffer

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In order to be successful in balloon stuffing, it is necessary to have good equipment. Machine operator simplicity helps you to produce a better balloon product more quickly and easily. The Keepsake Stuffer is unquestionably the finest equipment available and at an affordable price.

2 Complete Starter Kits Packages Are Immediately Available

The Keepsake Stuffer is made of the finest materials to give you years of service. It comes complete with a two year limited warranty and a detailed operations manual so you can start immediately. This equipment creates quality balloon products quickly and easily without any special operator skills

Starter Kit #1 = $595.00 (To see Details click HERE)
Starter Kit #5 = $895.00 (To see Details click HERE)

The Balloon Tool

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This tying tool was primarily designed for tying round balloons. It can be used for the 260Q and other clown twist balloons.
The tool comes with instructions and is very easy to use. Wrap the balloon nozzle around the tool, pull the black knob and.... the balloon is tied!
The tool is made of durable plastic and should last for years.