Border Collie

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Hand enters from chest area to work the mouth.
Size: 22"
The American Kennel Club credits the Border Collie with remarkable intelligence, agility, grace and a willingness to work. But a puppet's work is play, and this puppet version of the famous sheep-herding dog, with his bi-colored eyes and harlequin face, is sure to inspire your loyalty. 

Dalmation Fire Dog

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28" Dalmation Fire Dog

Children and adults of all ages love this puppet! Our dalmatian firedog is suited up and ready to help his fellow human firefighters save lives. He is wearing a high quality firefighter's suit, complete with large realistic boots. The patch on his hat says "City of America" on it. This puppet is great for teaching children about fire safety and prevention. Included is one arm rod which can be clipped to either hand for movement.


20" Long
Hand operates mouth, with practice you can make him wink!

Basset Hound

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20" Long
Hand operates mouth. Chenille textured fabric.