Colored Craft Gloves

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Colored Latex Craft Gloves: The gloves come in 6 colors - Light Blue, Pink, White, Lavender, Turquoise and Pink.
These colors add life to those special creation projects.

These latex craft gloves are available in various quantities:

  • $ 4.50 for a 20 count mini pack
  • $19.00 for a box of 100

Vinyl Gloves - White

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Vinyl Gloves - White

Our Vinyl Gloves have a wide range of applications in the medical, dental, laboratory, electronic and food service fields. Their textured surface improves your grip as they protect you from bodily fluids and the transmission of germs. Ideal for people who are sensitive to natural rubber proteins.  These glovee come in 4 sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large

Buy them by the 100 count box or by the 10 pack

Wiggly Eyes

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These peel and stick Wiggle Eyes are quite cute and easy to use.
Eyes add character to a balloon figure and wiggle eyes are just plain silly.

10 mm package of 28
15 mm package of 23

The Balloon Tool

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This tying tool was primarily designed for tying round balloons. It can be used for the 260Q and other clown twist balloons.
The tool comes with instructions and is very easy to use. Wrap the balloon nozzle around the tool, pull the black knob and.... the balloon is tied!
The tool is made of durable plastic and should last for years.