Beginner's Journey

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One Hour Beginner's DVD Video
This is a one hour step by step DVD video by Pitterpat. It is an excellent video for the beginner face painter.

The Make-up Video

Clowns, Pirates & Elves. From little blobs to great masks.
You look really great!
Clowns, pirates and elves. Wild animals and vampires. A wonderful video for kids and for parents who want to be able to paint their kids' faces... and for kids who want to put make-up on each other. The pleasure in looking different, in changing into something else. Make-up techniques and lots of practical tips. We'll show you how to do it, step by step and color by color.
Length 45 minutes

Face To Face Video VID-1

Everyone who uses this comprehensive series of tapes will benefit from its graphic, in-depth demonstrations and detailed dialogue. This high-impact video package, (3 VHS tapes, approximately 4 hours total) teaches a course in basic makeup techniques and serves as a refresher course to assist in the solution to specific makeup challenges.
No. VID-1 Divided into five "acts" which illustrate the following:
  I. "Creating A Character"
 II. "Basic Stage Makeup"
III. "Special Applications"
IV. "Fantasy Makeup"
 V. "Cleaning Up"