Silks 9 x 9

9" x 9" Silks
Real Silk Hankies fits into Thumb Tips
Check the silk you are using.
Look a little ragged?
Treat yourself to some new silk.

Available in these colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Black, White, Blue, Dark Green, Light Green, Turquoise, Violet, Fuchsia 



Silks 18 x 18

Real Silks 18' x 18"
Available in these colors:
Orange, Yellow, Black, White, Blue, Dark Green, Lavendar

Silk - Color Changing Streamer

Ages 8 - Adult
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Change from Black to Multi Colored - Magically!
This is a black silk streamer that changes into rainbow colors with just the shake of a wrist.
Or do it in reverse so a multi-color streamer becomes black. Jeff McBride demonstrates this in one of his popular Magic on Stage videos.
Use it with the FUN Magic Coloring Book as a way to get colors to appear and disappear. Use it in a stage act for a quick visual color change. The streamers are approximately 4.5' long, and made of silk.

There are several versions of this trick on the market.
This particular silk is smooth in working and easy enough for a beginner to master in a matter of minutes.

MisMade Flag

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The Mismade Flag is an excellent trick for your change bag.
Magician brings out a Change Bag (not included), and from the bag the magician removes a RED, WHITE and BLUE silk hanks. The Magician returns the hanks to the bag, but forgets to put in the blue.

The magician then says the silks will turn into a flag. He reaches in the bag and produces a flag that is only red and white - there's not a speck of blue on it!
The magician tries again by placing the blue, red and white hanks in the bag. Reaching in the bag, he now pulls out a flag with blue and white stripes and red around the stars (in the field).
The magician places the mismade flag back in the bag and this says the magic words. This time, the flag comes out perfect!
Supplied with 2 Mismade flags and 1-correct flag and red,white and blue hanks. Made of pure silk by FUN Incorporated.

Crystal Silk Tube

Ages 8 - Adult
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Beautiful stage magic that's easy to do.
The magician displays three separate silk handkerchiefs and places them into a clear tube, where they can all easily be seen. After a few magical passes are made over the tube, the silks are removed, now tied together at their ends.
No tricky knots to learn or difficult moves to memorize. Just simple, direct and elegant magic.
Complete with gimmick, instructions, tube and three silk handkerchiefs. Individually boxed.

Silk Rabbit in Hat - Royal

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The best production silk there is! 36" square with hand-rolled hems. 5 momme weight. Imported directly from China. Bright, vibrant colors. Use it as window dressing in your act, or produce it from any one of a number of props. Classic design. The perfect magic silk.
NOTE: Silk is a Black Background, not Yellow as pictured.