Dove Pan

Ages 9 - Adult
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Double Load Dove Pan
Once you've produced your dove, silks or candy from your Dove Pan, the Double Load feature of this model allows you to produce a load of equal size from the very same pan!

Made of aluminum by Morrissey of Canada.

Take Apart Dove Box

Ages 9 - Adult
Place a dove in the box, take the  box apart and the dove is gone!
Hampton Ridge Magic creates beautiful hand crafted, wood stage performance products including these exciting, and specially designed magic Take Apart Dove Boxes. Place a dove or other small object into the box, and then take the box apart piece by piece. The object has vanished right before the eyes of the audience! These magical boxes come in incredibly festive colors and unique designs, including the bright tiger design and the classy ancient city.

Flip Over Dove Box

Ages 10 -Adult
Stuff, flip, and see through the "empty" box.
Place a dove or other small animal or object in this quality crafted wooden box. Then close the lid, flip the box over so you can see right through the box, and the object placed inside has vanished! Flip the box again to close it back up and then reach into the box to produce the object that had disappeared!

Each box has been issued with golden hinges on the door and seams, and has been hand painted in eye catching shades of blue and yellow. These are perfect for the professional performer who needs props that are both dependable and beautiful!