Reader Deck Marked Cards

Ages 10-Adult
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The European Reader makes the use of a marked deck simple.
Available in Blue backed or Red backed decks.
A far cry from the difficult to discern patterned marks of yesteryear, the European Reader makes the use of a marked deck simple, even for amateur magicians. Formerly difficult feats of sleight of hand are now rendered effortless as a result of this direct method of marking the back of a deck of playing cards.

You are supplied complete with a factory-printed marked deck and a copy of the "Manual of Miracles with a European Reader Deck" compiled and edited by Gabe Fajuri.

The booklet introduces the markings of the deck, details several sneaky, surprising effects with the cards, and also addresses the use of stacked, marked decks.

Royal Magic's European Reader Decks are available with blue or red backs. Please specify when ordering.
Available in Red or Blue Back

Missing Link

Instantly know the card in a spectator's mind! Imagine... a spectator is given eight plastic cards with pictures of playing cards randomly distributed on them, and asked to think of a card. The spectator keeps all the cards which show a picture of the mentally selected card and hands the others to you. You pay no attention to them and place them aside. You then instantly name the card in the spectators thoughts.
No hesitation, No fishing. Easy to do. This is hot!
Includes silk screened cards, protective vinyl sleeve and instructions.

40 Ways To Force A Card

40 Ways to Force a Card (DVD) - Learn more than 40 ways to secretly force a card on your spectator!
The Effect
Every card worker must have a good set of forces in his arsenal to be ready for every situation.

If you just master 5 or 10 of the forces on this DVD you will be more than qualified to start performing some amazing card effects. This DVD is invaluable to any card worker who needs to improve his forcing techniques and learn some new ones.

Here's what you'll learn: Overhand Shuffle Force, Hindu Shuffle Force, Hindu Shuffle Force II, Riffle Force, Hints, 10 to 20 Force, Glide Force, Glide Force II, The Toss Force, Toss & Spread Force, Helpful Hint, Slip Force, Slip Force Variation, Cross Cut Force, Why Use A Force?, Hofzinser Force, Hofzinser Force Hint, Dribble Force, Just Say When Force, Face Up Hindu Force, Roll Over Half Force, Classic Force, Bridging The Deck Force, Helpful Hint, Hot Rod Force, Two Marked Cards Force, Behind The Back Force, Short Card Force, Peeking -A- Card, Spectator Number Force, Hidden Force, Card Hint, Cut Deeper Force, Ed Balducci�s Cut Deeper Force, Bluff Force, Future Predictions, Pinky Riffle Force, Multi Cut Force, Gimmick Card Force, Gimmick Card Force Extras, Gimmick Card Force w/Money