Tupo Mind Reading Wizard Puppet

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Meet the first ever mind-reading wizard puppet!
This deluxe, plush wizard puppet, with lucite control rods, will baffle and amaze.
While the puppeteer's back is turned, a spectator selects one of five colored tablets and puts it in the wizard's mouth. The spectator hides the other four tablets in his pocket (or in the purple drawstring bag supplied). When the puppeteer (or magician) turns around, he instantly knows which color was selected!
Comes complete with adorable plush wizard, tablets and carring bag. The trick is self-working, and operates on batteries, which are also included. You'll love the devilish secret, and instantly find several ways to incorporate the puppet into your show. Remember, there is no forcing of colors, the trick practically works itself!

Candy Factory

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A clear tumbler full of sugar is covered with an empty cylinder. When the cylinder is lifted away, the sugar has changed to candy, which can be distributed to members of the audience.

Perfect for birthday party shows!
The special clear plastic glass and decorated metal cylinder supplied make this easy to perform. You an use the apparatus to change milk to chocolates, or for many other similar transformation effects.
Each unit is supplied complete, in a colorful box with complete instructions.
NOTE: Temporarily out of stock. Order now, your magic will be shipped to you when the products get here. 1st come, 1st served.

Flying Ring

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A classic effect.
The magician borrows a spectator's ring and causes it to vanish. The ring is later discovered inside the performer's key case, securely attached to one of the key fobs!

Comes complete with leather key case and instructions. Individually boxed.