Zombie Gall with Foulard

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The classic illusion, complete with foulard, silver ball and gimmick.
A silver ball is shown. When covered with a black cloth, the ball rises up underneath it, floating and bobbing seemingly with a mind of its own.

Imported from India.
Instructional DVDs available - Look in Section: Books, Videos & Education, subsection Magic.

Double X Rating Pen

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Rate Your Friends On A Scale Of One to Ten!
The magician displays a regular Bic pen, stating that it is an "electronic rating pen" with a computer chip inside which rates people on a scale from one to ten. He then places a penny on the back of a spectator's hand, stating that "this is a one...the lowest you can possibly be." With just a tap of the pen, the penny then visually changes into a dime..the spectator must be a perfect ten!
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The "MM" Wallet

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Magician's Mentalism Wallet
Are you reading your spectator's mind? Now you can with this amazing utility device!
A spectator writes anything thought of on the backside of a business card and then places it face down in the wallet. The wallet is closed and the magician places it into his or her pocket. The magician can then tell the spectator his or her written thought! This wallet is so deceptive and flat that it will even fool magicians.

The wallet can be used as an everyday wallet, making the effect ready to perform at anytime! Preferred by professionals for mind reading shows and close-up entertainment.