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Wiggly Eyes

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These peel and stick Wiggle Eyes are quite cute and easy to use.
Eyes add character to a balloon figure and wiggle eyes are just plain silly.

10 mm package of 28
15 mm package of 23

Glue Dots

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Glue Dots allow you to attach things to balloons.
Glue Dots are a lot easier to use than rubber cement or staples. They come in a box of 1000 glue dots on a long tape. Glue Dots might be just the thing you were looking for to speed up making fancy figures.

1000 Dot Roll = $29.50
  150 Dot Roll = $  7.50

NOTE: For best results, do not touch the dot with your fingers. The oil in your hands and fingers keeps the dot from sticking like it should. Tear a dot off, place it on your main balloon where you want the attached piece and then place your attachment.

The Balloon Tool

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This tying tool was primarily designed for tying round balloons. It can be used for the 260Q and other clown twist balloons.
The tool comes with instructions and is very easy to use. Wrap the balloon nozzle around the tool, pull the black knob and.... the balloon is tied!
The tool is made of durable plastic and should last for years.

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