3 Piece Rope Trick

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Change Length of 3 Ropes to Same Length

3 Pre-cut ropes are included in the trick, each to a specific size.
1/2 inch white nylon or polyester ropes

  • Ends ringed in red to prevent unraveling
  • Intructions and patter included
  • CHOOSE Softer or Stiffer rope material

Objective: Magically change 3 different lengths of rope into 3 ropes of the same length.
Minimum age of magician: 6 years old
Age appeal: All Ages

Sponge Balls

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2 in. & 1 1/2 in. Sponge Balls

Sponge Balls 2 inch Large or 1 1/2 inch Small, red color only.
  • The balls come 4 to a package
  • Included is our sponge ball routine and handling
  • Photo illustration included

These wonderful props pack small, play big, and soak up spilled Kool-Aid in an emergency.
No matter what color you need, we have red.

Coloring Book

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English or Spanish version

Tell about the Love of God and Salvation with this simple but interesting novel approach to the Truth.
Bible patter included.

Seen it? Probably. Because it's a good, easy trick. Is yours getting ragged from use? Need a new one? We got 'em.  You can thumb through the book and show only blank pages or only linedrawing pages or only the pages with the same line drawings in color.
It comes with good instructions and 2 alternate routines.

20 sheets of heavy duty card stock carefully prepard to show blank pages, black & white and colored cartoon drawings of Bible caracters.
Instructions and patter included.

Minimum age of magician: 8 years old
Age appeal: All Ages

Squirting Ketchup & Mustard Bottles

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Excellent Gag Trick!

Squeeze the bottle and the ketsup or mustard colored string shoots out up to 48 inches.
Instructions included.

Squirting Ketchup Bottle = $4.00
Squirting Mustard Bottle = $4.00
Buy the pair = $7.00

Minimum age of magician: 4 years old
Age appeal: All Ages

5 inch Liniking Rings

Ages 9 - Adult
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The perfect beginning set of Linking Rings.
A true magical classic.
With these sets of eight rings, any routine is possible, from the basic (provided with each set in the form of detailed, illustrated instructions), to the most complex, like Dai Vernon's "Symphony of the Rings."

These sets of rings are heavy duty, and are made to last.
Made in the USA

Miser's Dream

Ages 10 -Adult
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Pull Money from Air or Ear; Drop from the Sky or Pull Out of the Bottom.

Pull money from air, hair, ear, chin, mouth, sleeve, air or elsewhere and drop into the metal bucket.
Trick includes metal bucket and coin holder. Coins not included.

  • Metal bucket is bright shiny stainless steel
  • 5 inches diameter x 6 3/4 inches high
  • Bucket is not tapered
  • Coin Holder is plastic and holds 10 half dollar coins
    Coins NOT included
  • Instructions included

Reader Deck Marked Cards

Ages 10-Adult
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The European Reader makes the use of a marked deck simple.
Available in Blue backed or Red backed decks.
A far cry from the difficult to discern patterned marks of yesteryear, the European Reader makes the use of a marked deck simple, even for amateur magicians. Formerly difficult feats of sleight of hand are now rendered effortless as a result of this direct method of marking the back of a deck of playing cards.

You are supplied complete with a factory-printed marked deck and a copy of the "Manual of Miracles with a European Reader Deck" compiled and edited by Gabe Fajuri.

The booklet introduces the markings of the deck, details several sneaky, surprising effects with the cards, and also addresses the use of stacked, marked decks.

Royal Magic's European Reader Decks are available with blue or red backs. Please specify when ordering.
Available in Red or Blue Back

18" Needle Through Balloon

The Needle Through A Balloon is a timeless classic.
Piercing a balloon with a giant 18" needle will absolutely amaze your audiences. And no wonder - it's magic!

The Kit contains an 18" needle, 12 balloons and instructions. $15.00

Kit with additional 24 eleven inch balloons = $18.00

Super Needle Wand

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Protect your 18" Super Needle by keeping it in this holder.

You know the big needle you use to do the Needle Through Balloon trick?
This is a holder to keep the needle safe, lubricated and protected.
It is black with silver tips to look like a magic wand.
If you expect the Super Needle to keep working, the point needs to stay sharp and the needle surface smooth.

The lubricated Super Needle Wand helps to insure your needle stays in good condition.

9 in Rd Needle Through Balloons


Special 9" Balloons for the Needle Through Balloon trick.
Great for close up magic.
Available in packages of 24 balloons or bags of 144.

Bag of 144 = $14.50
Bag of   24 = $  4.00

Bag of   24 = $  4.00
Bag of 144 = $14.50
Balloons are clear with no color and have the 'safety' tip at the end of  bulb.

11 in Rd Needle Through Balloons


Special 11" Balloons for the Needle Through Balloon trick.
Available in packages of 24 balloons or bags of 144.

Bag of   24 = $  5.00
Bag of 144 = $24.00
Balloons are clear with no color and have the 'safety' tip at the end of  bulb.