Slush! Powder Book

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Slush Powder lets you do the impossible!
Armed with this secret weapon, you'll be able to perform miracles. Slush Powder gives you the power to perform tricks that formerly required cumbersome gimmicks and apparatus with the greatest of ease, and very little preparation.
For years, Slush Powder has been an overlooked accessory in the world of magic. Now, with this booklet, some careful thought and practice, you'll be able to perform a wide variety of tricks sure to stun any audience.
The step by step instruction in this book give you all the details on how to work easy-to-do miracles with this secret substance.
Inside, you'll learn how to:
>Visibly morph a glass full of milk into a handkerchief!
>Vanish a bowl full of water!
>Change a glass of water into a snowstorm of confetti!
>Vanish a shot glass full of liquid from your bare hands!

Included inside is an assortment of innovative tricks and ideas from Patrick Page, one of magic's most creative thinkers.

11 in Rd Needle Through Balloons


Special 11" Balloons for the Needle Through Balloon trick.
Available in packages of 24 balloons or bags of 144.

Bag of   24 = $  5.00
Bag of 144 = $24.00
Balloons are clear with no color and have the 'safety' tip at the end of  bulb.