Air Force 4

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- More Lightweight & Compact
- Foot Pedal Included
- New Comfort Grip Handle
- Includes Large Inflation Hose for 16" Balloons and Higher
- New Friction Fit Outlets
New model includes a quieter motor, new friction filling outlets, a detachable power cord and the air intakes are now located around the base of the unit.

The Air Force 4 is a must for on-the-job decorating.
It features four outlets for fast simultaneous inflation.
The continual-air blower is designed to maintain a fixed temperature and not overheat on large jobs.
New model includes a quieter motor, new filling outlets, detachable power cord, and the air intakes are now located around the base of the unit.

New Filling Outlets
Durable Outer Case With Handle
The heavy-duty casing of the Air Force 4 includes a convenient carrying handle that makes it perfect for taking on the job.

Superior Air Intake System
The air intakes are located on the sides of the Air Force 4.
This allows the user to place the inflator on any dry surface without concern of unit taking
in dirt or foreign particles.

25' Detachable Electrical Cord: The Air Force 4 features a 25' electrical cord that is convenient for on-the-job decorating.

How It Works!........ Easy-to-Use Extension Tips! The Air Force 4 features extension tips for inflating 5-inch round balloons.

Inflates Larger Balloons: The tips are easily removed for inflating 9-inch and larger balloons.
Efficiency at Its Best! With the Air Force 4, two people can inflate 4 balloons at the same time.

The Balloon Tool

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This tying tool was primarily designed for tying round balloons. It can be used for the 260Q and other clown twist balloons.
The tool comes with instructions and is very easy to use. Wrap the balloon nozzle around the tool, pull the black knob and.... the balloon is tied!
The tool is made of durable plastic and should last for years.