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5 Pocket & 7 Pocket Aprons
Very nice work aprons!
Made of strong material, solid construction, and blue.
  • The 5 pocket aprons have 3 deep pockets and 2 more small pockets.
  • The 7 pocket aprons have:
    3 deep pockets across the back
    2 pockets in front of them // 2 smaller pockets on the side.
  • One smaller pocket is large enough for a full size pair of scissors or a Sphaghetti Blaster
    The other pocket will hold business cards or a Ball Putter.
  • The waist straps tie in the back and are plenty long.
  • 5 Pocket Apron = $18.00
  • 7 Pocket Apron = $22.00

Poly Crimped Curling Ribbon

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3/16" Poly Crimped Curling Ribbon

Comes in 500 yard spools.
Available in 33 colors:

  • Black, Brown, Burgundy, Cerise, Daffodil, Emerald Green
  • Forest Green, Gold, Hot Pink, Ivory, Lime Green, Navy Blue
  • Nile, Mauve, Melon, Orange, Orchid, Pastel Blue, Pastel Pink
  • Peach, Periwinkle, Plum, Purple, Red, Rose, Royal Blue, Turquoise
  • Seafoam, Silver, Teal, Vanilla, White, Yellow

Ribbon Shredder - Curler

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Shred & Curl Ribbon.

Shred and Curl ribbon, quickly, easily, and without popping balloons.

Ad-Teck's patented shredding and curling tool is simple to use.
It quickly adds a festive touch to any design.


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This device is Balloon Wizardry that fits in the palm of your hand!

The Qualatex MagicPipe allows entertainer to stuff small objects, such as wrapped candy, coins and jewelry, into 260Q balloons. Easily put anything that fits in the tube inside an inflated 260. And there's no balloon skin wrapped around the thing once it's in the balloon. The secret is a sliding punch that breaks the balloon and allows whatever is in the tube to fall inside.


The Balloon Tool

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This tying tool was primarily designed for tying round balloons. It can be used for the 260Q and other clown twist balloons.
The tool comes with instructions and is very easy to use. Wrap the balloon nozzle around the tool, pull the black knob and.... the balloon is tied!
The tool is made of durable plastic and should last for years.